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Moving to a new residence or workplace doesn’t have to be stressful, even when it comes to interstate relocation. With the right interstate removalist, relocating anywhere in Australia would be a breeze. Call Vic Palmer Removals & Storage now. Stress-free move, guaranteed!

Find an Interstate Removalist

The first question you would have on your mind when it comes to interstate moves would be ‘how do I move interstate?’ It’s simple. Look no further for a company that provides the best service on removal interstate. Let our interstate removalists handle it for you.

Compare prices

While hiring removalists can be the easiest way for interstate relocation, choosing the right one is another story, as there are lots of removalists interstate online. However, you can zero in on the right ones by comparing the prices as well as what you would be getting for the prices indicated. While rates among moving companies tend to vary, they should be able to tell you how much does it cost to move furniture interstate. You can trust that our interstate movers won’t let you pay more than expected.

Save money

We understand the trouble you have to go through when it comes to interstate moving. If you’ve been wondering what is the cheapest way to move interstate, you’ve come to the right place. We at Vic Palmer Removals & Storage have professionally trained our staff to be able to handle all moving concerns, including unexpected ones. By choosing us as your removalists, you get to have quality service within your budget. Our removal services can also be tailoured to your preferred specifications, which ensures that you get and pay for exactly what you need. To further be able to save on costs, you can purge your items before packing, collect your own moving boxes to use, or share truck space with another customer.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Sit back and relax. We are the best furniture removalists Gold Coast Queensland has worked with, and we will make your moving as stress-free as possible. The values and work ethics we are dedicated to uphold have been helping Australians get from one state to another and we have never failed our customers for years. Having operated for over 33 years, we have become well-acquainted with Australian interstate transfers. Our experience in the industry has made what would have been a formidable, difficult, time-consuming task of long-distance transfer easy for you. All aspects of your move will be taken care of.

Interstate Removals Routes Between Major Australian Cities

cheap packaging Brisbane & Gold Coast

We offer interstate removals across Australia. Our 90m3 semitrailer is always ready to move you to and from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, The Australian Capital Territory, and South Australia. As for how long does it take to move interstate, it depends on how far you are moving and the number of belongings you are taking with you. Interstate removals take longer due to the distance and location, among other things. If your new house is just in a neighboring state, the move can take one day to a week. If it’s long-distance, it may take up to 22 days.

Finding a Moving Company Can Be Tough.

No matter how many times you’ve experienced an interstate move, when working with the wrong moving companies, relocating even just to a new home across the street with so much stuff is already a stressful process, what more when interstate? This further solidifies the need to hire only the most reliable and capable removalists, ones that will work closely with you from start to finish, every step of the process, to ensure that the move is seamless. With a lot of moving services available online, it can be hard finding one that you can truly trust and rely on. With Vic Palmer Removals & Storage, you’ll have peace of mind as you working with experienced and well-trained professionals who are always ready to take care of your moving needs.

Why Use Vic Palmer?

If you are looking for cheap interstate removalists you can trust to move even your fragile items to your new home, we have been helping people with interstate moving. Below are reasons Vic Palmer Removals & Storage continues to be the service in moving interstate Australia relies on:

Insurance options

For your peace of mind, our hassle-free interstate removals in Australia also come with free insurance coverage. The prices we quote already include insurance coverage. This means that on top of getting your items transported by the most reliable removalist interstate, especially when it comes to interstate furniture removals, your goods will also be insured in case of any damage. Contact us for more details.

Secure payments

For your peace of mind, our hassle-free interstate removals in Australia also come with free insurance coverage. The prices we quote already include insurance coverage. This means that on top of getting your items transported by the most reliable removalist interstate, especially when it comes to interstate furniture removals, your goods will also be insured in case of any damage. Contact us for more details.

Secure payments

Your payment for our interstate removal service is secure. You can make your payment through Visa, MasterCard or cash. For a free quote, please don’t hesitate to ask. We highly recommend that you let our team have a look at your property to make an assessment.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We are the interstate removalist you need. As the most reliable movers interstate, we offer only excellent yet cheap removals within Australia, including transportation and storage facilities, to ensure the safe move of your items. Give us a call, especially if there are specifications you need to be added to our moving service, including specialists in furniture removals interstate, and we’ll do the rest. It’s hassle-free and you may even find this to be the most enjoyable move ever, only with the best interstate removalist in Australia.

Move managers

The friendly move managers we assign to removals interstate will be happy to help you out with anything and answer any questions you will be having at any point during the move. If there’s a need for you to get more men to assist you in your interstate moving, we can provide on the moving day as many as necessary to get your goods to your new home. You can trust our interstate furniture removalist for the safe and efficient delivery of your items to the intended destination.


A good interstate removalist can provide nothing less than topnotch moving services in Australia, going to and fro NSW, QLD, and other select areas. What would have been a complicated process is now made simple by our interstate removalist, having moved goods for years. There’s no such thing as a small or difficult job for us when it comes to interstate moving. Our guys can move everything including pets.

Careful packing and transport

We take extra care with our customers’ valuables and make sure they get to their destination on schedule. The services offered by our interstate furniture removalists also include storage facilities, all to ensure that your fragile items will be moved with great care. Each of our interstate removalist is an expert in wrapping and packing belongings.

We Believe That Trust is Earned

Read the feedback we’ve received from our past clients on our interstate removalist service. You will learn how we make moving for our clients as stress-free as possible.

Moving Interstate: How Much Space is Required?

Our interstate removalist will make an assessment to help you determine the space you need as well as the amount you will be paying. Below are things our expert will look into:

  • Approximate volume of items depending on dwelling size
  • Moving apartment
  • Moving house

What is Backloading?

An option you may want to consider is backloading, which is inexpensive as it allows you to load your possessions on a returning truck, a perfect option when the vehicle heading back to its point of origin happens to pass through your area and you don’t have that many items to move. You only get to pay for the space your possessions take up in one journey, but you may be sharing the space with another customer. Rest assured your possessions would still be treated with a lot of care and attention and that there would not be any mix-ups.

VPR Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service You Can Count On

Hearing from our clients that they have enjoyed the move is already an achievement for us. A customer service that is lauded for being professional can take the stress out of relocating. Every reputable moving company needs a customer service that is efficient in getting things done. We ensure that our staff is cooperative and pleasant with our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be home for the removalists?

Either you or an authorised representative can meet our crew on the moving day to allow us access to your home, observe the work we do and sign important papers.

Is the price inclusive of GST?

Our quotes also include GST.

Do I need to load the truck myself?

Don’t worry about lifting and carrying your heavy furniture from the bedroom to our vehicle. Leave the whole lifting task to our moving experts.

What time will the removalists arrive?

If it has not been agreed on during booking, you will be advised of the scheduled arrival time of our men before the moving day.

Do you pack things well in the truck?

Our years of experience have made us experts in packing your goods and safely loading them into the truck, so we will be able to depart for your new location on schedule. We have the equipment needed in loading any heavy item into the truck.

Will you supply boxes, bubble wrap, and other packing materials?

We make moving home or office a simple task through our packing service. Our team has everything needed, such as moving boxes, packing material, as well as plenty of packaging tape. Read our packing materials page for the materials we lend and sell.

Does ‘flat packing’ my furniture make a difference in the price?

Yes, as long as our staff will be notified prior to booking.

When will I need to pay the final amount?

Speak to any of our staff on this matter. It is preferred that you pay upfront so that all costs to be incurred will be covered. However, you may opt to make a deposit upon booking and just pay the remaining balance two days prior to the moving day.

Advice for Moving Interstate in Australia

Whether you’ve been planning your relocation for months or over a year to that dream 4 bedroom house in Brisbane, and just couldn’t fit all your possessions in your car, Vic Palmer Removals & Storage is here for you. Here are some tips to help make relocating.

How to Move a Fridge Interstate

Before moving day, empty your fridge. To keep mildew at bay, wipe it clean, preferably with vanilla essence. Our men will then be loading it into the truck. Rest assured it will be transported or even stored according to recommendations by its manufacturer.

Simple Tips to Make Your Home Ready For Move-In Day

  • Change locks in the entire house you’re moving into.
  • Get all interior spaces and furniture measured to make it easy for you to know what item would fit in a certain space.
  • Label the door of each room and where you would want an item to be placed.
  • Make essential updates such as installing smoke alarms and detectors.
  • Do all the major cleaning prior to moving.
  • Call the local pest controller to get rid of any pest lurking in the house.
  • Before moving in, arrange for minimum transferrable services such as electricity and water.

4 tips for an easy move

  • Pack your basic necessities such as clothes, toiletry items, and basic kitchen utensils, among others.
  • Let the movers handle heavy items.
  • Get your materials for packing ready. If you don’t have any in your possession, your removalist company can provide them for you.
  • Label the boxes using permanent markers.

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