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Vic Palmer Removals & Storage offers professional Pre-Packing and Unpacking Services. We can Pre-Pack your entire house inside and out without you having to lift a finger. Alternatively we can assist you in Pre-Packing just part of your house, for example, yor breakables.

Carton Loan Service

Vic Palmer Removals offers a Carton Loan service to its Local Removal customers. Upon booking your Removal, Vic Palmer Removals can Loan you Cartons for a Refundable Deposit.*

8 Book/Wine & 15 Tea Chest Cartons $50 Deposit (Suitable for 1-2 Bedroom Unit)
16 Book/Wine & 30 Tea Chest Cartons $100 Deposit (Suitable for 3-4 Bedroom Unit)
24 Book/Wine & 45 Tea Chest Cartons $150 Deposit (Suitable for 5-6 Bedroom Unit)

*Conditions Apply - Deposit is refundable upon return of Cartons in Good condition.

We can also Loan you Port-A-Robes on your Removal day, free of charge. Please advise if you require this service upon booking your removal.

To order your loan Cartons please phone (07) 3287 4326 or alternatively use our easy Book Online service and order your cartons at the same time.

Packaging Materials

We also stock a comprehensive range of Packaging Materials available for purchase, which can be conveniently ordered in the Order Form below.

Packaging Price List & Order Form
* All orders over $300 will be Delivered FREE to Local Areas.

Packaging Materials
T-Chest Carton 44cm x 42cm x 59.5cm
New $5.00 each
T-Chest Carton 44cm x 42cm x 59.5cm
Used $4.50 each
Book/Wine Carton 40cm x 33.5cm x 34cm
New $3.50 each
Book/Wine Carton 40cm x 33.5cm x 34cm
Used $3.00 each
Port A Robe - For hanging clothes
$19.00 each
Paper - Full ream 16kg (approx 800 sheets - 57cmx89cm)
$50 each
Paper - Full ream 8kg (approx 400 sheets - 57cmx89cm)
$30 each
Mattress Plastic covers - Single
$4.50 each
Mattress Plastic covers - Double/Queen
$5.50 each
Mattress Plastic covers - King
$8.00 each
Lounge Plastic covers - 4 + 3 seater
$9.50 each
Lounge Plastic covers - 2 + 1 seater
$6.00 each
Packaging Tape 75m Roll (48mm Wide)
$4.00 each
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